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search oodle, backpage and ebay classifieds at once.

Search Online Classifieds by ZIP / Radius

backpage, oodle, ebay classifieds logos Search Oodle, Backpage, and eBay Classifieds by ZIP and radius, all from one search box. Your search results are combined from newest to oldest and labeled with the classifieds they came from.

You will not be shown the Craigslist results in your search radius. They do not currently allow us to display their results, you can quickly see them all on their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Klassified Info?

Klassified Info is a classifieds aggregator that lets you search Oodle, Backpage and eBay Classifieds with one search, and specify the search area with zip code and radius.

How often are search results updated?

We don't spider the underlying classifieds sites, so the results are live and never out of date. The results come directly from the classifieds site to your browser.

Are you affiliated with any of the classifieds sites?

We are not. We simply tell your browser which classifeds sites have results that match your search. We don't retrieve, store, or display results from our own site or servers.

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